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Blue blue your Collar,    
Sad sad my heart;

Though I do not go to you, 

Why don't you send word? 


Blue blue your belt-stone, 

Sad sad my heart; 


Though I do not go to you, 

Why don't you come? 


Restless, heedless,
I walk the gate tower. 


One day not seeing you
is three months long.

    When I began to work in fine art field, I constantly focused on the culture topic, which is finding the junction between the ancient Chinese art and the contemporary Chinese art. Since we had series of modern wars and revolutions in China, we actually lost a collection of our own culture memories and art aesthetics. Therefore, it seems like we are virtually absent from the development of contemporary art because of the gap and loss. As a young modern artist, I really care about this and I want to do something for it. This documentary is about the environment in which I live and how our descendants view our culture.

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