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Shanshui, it is refers to a style of traditional Chinese painting that involves or depicts scenery or natural landscapes, using a brush and ink rather than more conventional paints. Mountains, rivers and often waterfalls are prominent in this art form.


ShanShui painting is a very important subject in traditional Chinese art. In the past thousand years of Chinese art history, people have never stopped the exploration and study of Shanshui painting. It has a different expression form from all the paintings in the world. It is a realistic painting, but it not only depicts the landscape in front of the painter but also a large part of the inner world of the painter.


I have always believed that photography originated from painting, both in the West and in China. The West has its own way of photographing the landscape, while the East should have its own style, too. After all, the two have totally different painting styles in history. This style is rooted in the soul. No matter where the artist is if he or she has a soul immersed in the Eastern art, then the landscape in his or her eyes should also be different from that of people from other cultures.


Therefore, I try to use my own understanding of "Chinese style" to shoot the landscape here in the United States, to express my own inner thinking about the world. Every landscape in human eyes has its own philosophical thinking, and I hope to develop my own Chinese philosophy in the process of shooting.

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