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After thousands of years of accumulation and vicissitude, Chinese language and culture have formed a complete system with rigorous logic and rich expressions. As a young woman who deeply loves Chinese language and culture and has grown up in the Internet age, I have been paying attention to the rapid development and spread of Internet language. People simplify, label, and entertain a set of words with specific meanings which are spread from the Internet to daily life. Some of the words with new meanings that come from the Internet have become popular on social networks and spread to people's daily lives, rapidly. Words that people liked to hear about two months ago may be replaced by another buzzword two months later. I hope to discuss the phenomenon of Internet pop culture through my creation and the relationship between us and this culture. For example, The new interpretation of the word “Goddess”.


In people's habitual language now, the word "goddess" refers to a lady who is beautiful, sexy, enthusiastic, helpful, good-shaped, full of wisdom, and is like a dream lover. Sometimes, it can be even used as a satiric word in the aesthetics of the ugly. The popularity of this term has made our expression of women's image unitary and vague.

However, nowadays, results of the search for the word "goddess" in Baidu pictures have been totally different. You would see both pretty women’s pictures and pictures which are not match the public aesthetic. 


Once I saw a plastic bag that happened to be put on a flagpole by the wind. Then the wind stopped and the bag disappeared. This experience gave me inspiration for the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags are cheap and ubiquitous. It will enter our field of vision at random times, and will disappear insensibly. I think they can be an interesting material to be used to allude to today's online pop culture. Also plastic bags can make the public to think of garbage and environmental pollution.


总 分行.jpg

From the perspective of time, my work creation began from popular culture's relationship with everyone. When people are in a high speed information and culture change in the Internet age, they struggle between constantly updated pop cultures so that they can still communicate with other people. Therefore, I began to try to wrap each model's face in plastic bags, hoping to see their faces in plastic bags, their natural reactions and states, in order to discuss the state of passive acceptance and struggles, and visually present the state to the audience.


In the process of further promotion, I hope to eliminate the subjective feelings that the models bring to the audience and meanwhile, to enable them to observe the relationship between plastic bags and the environment from a more macroscopic perspective.


There will always be something, in a certain amount of time, coincidentally or factitiously in our sight. On the positive side, it's a kind of surprise of discovery or a small chance of a coincidence. On a negative aspect, this cheap, semi-transparent material might disappear at any moment. I hope my audience can observe and ponder the relationship between the plastic bags and environment and consider their feelings when they witness this situation like me.

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